Coronado 4/14/06
OK, I couldn’t resist the title. Here I go working both sides of the camera again – at the same time! The gig: A filmmaker is making a documentary. The subject: A young aspiring model/dancer pursuing a spot on the San Diego Chargers Cheeleading team. The segment: A photo shoot of fresh looks for her portfolio. The photographer: Me.
The location: I chose Coronado beach for all it offers – ocean (of course), white sandy beach, rocks, rolling dunes, palm trees….lots to shoot around other than the basic “bikini beach babe” standards. We had about a two-hour window of morning sun before the next storm was due to roll in off the pacific. The natural light was dramatic, the winds were blowing, and the effect of nature’s elements were a perfect compliment to the stunning natural beauty of our young model.
I was so involved in my work as a photographer that I completely forgot about the film camera and crew following us around, documenting her every move…even as she comfortably and smoothly changed bikinis behind a towel the size used for dishes. The camera did a lot of over the shoulder filming from over my shoulder – and some of the stills I took will be worked into the film as well. Cool. When it airs I’ll sit by the phone and wait for that call from the editor of Vogue, haha.
OK, now you’ve read through my little blog about the shoot, you deserve to see a picture. (And no, this is not just a ploy to get a thousand more hits on my blog site…but I wouldn’t be surprised!)