In a New York Minute!

Seems that way these days…everything happening so fast and I’m not missing a beat!
I’m posting live from New York, it’s Sunday night (sorry, Saturday night I was on the red-eye). I’m staring out my hotel room at the Empire State Building, after a full day of creating my NYC stock of images. Being in NYC on a Sunday in June is kinda weird, nothing is happening – the streets are somewhat desolate. The pizza and bagel places are closed, many shops are closed. It’s almost quiet.
NYC poses a challenge to me as a photographer. The sights have been so overphotographed that they really don’t excite me. And it’s hardly fair that the last big city I was in was Shanghai, which utterly amazed me. But it’s cool just to be in a city where I can walk forever and not get lost. Meanwhile, here’s my New York Minute in pictures (so far):

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    I looked at all the pictures on this page and I must say that I love every single one of them. Even though I have not read all of the stories yet, I will. China must have been a very exotic and fun to visit:)


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