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LAX. Los Angeles International Airport. Not my favorite airport, but certainly more going on than the commuter terminal in San Diego. Rather than wait around 2 hours there, I jumped on an earlier flight and decided to make the best of 4 hours at LAX. With too much coffee already in my system, I came up with the clever title on the 29 minute flight to LA, and decided to spend 10 minutes walking the terminal and taking pics, then the rest of the time I could enjoy the business class lounge with comfy seats, plug outlets, and wireless internet. What better excuse to blog?
So here is my photographic essay of a layover in LA:

Photo Note: I’ve always found the American Airlines logo familiar and comforting in a vintage kind of way – it hasn’t changed and is one of the oldest in the industry.

So, what does one do at LAX?

Well, first and foremost, there’s the shopping:

Postcards and LA souvenirs are abundant.

Yes, there’s Arnold the Governator, a popular t-shirt item. But equally popular at airports are the book stores, and politics are the theme this October, no surprise:

Of course, there’s clothing without Arnold’s face all over it – and lots of other fashion retail choices, from $10 boutiques to upscale Bev Hills fashion outlets.

Apparently, feet are very important to travelers, and at LAX I found atleast 3 things you can do for your feet: Women can buy fishnets while men get their shoes polished.

Something to be said about gender marketing there. But either gender can put their feet up and enjoy a massage.

And here’s the more photogenic aspect of a few generic airport necessities.

Finally, I actually found an airport Starbucks without a crowd. OK, so it was just a cup, but it was in the public payphone hall….the quietest place in the terminal. Ahhh. Now that’s where to go to enjoy your coffee!

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  1. david santos

    Beautiful work.
    Great iamgination!
    Have a nice weekend.

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