Tourism Queensland Island Caretaker in the making

Yep, that’s right, another one! I’m applicant #9,347 or something like that for the Best Job in the World, but anyone who follows my blog knows this is more than just an effort to keep myself recession-proof, or to shamelessly self-promote…I happen to be qualified, too. Besides, it’s fun!

I wholeheartedly commend Tourism Queensland (and their Ad Agency gurus) for the launch of an amazing tourism PR campaign, it’s absolutely brilliant, and they certainly have the world’s eyes on them now, for all the right reasons. Thanks to Tourism Queensland, a new era of hope is indeed dawning all over the world…even in the travel industry…and that is a mighty spectacular accomplishment. In an industry devoted to dream realization, this is like Dream Realization 2.0! Truly inspirational!

Speaking of inspiration…it’s the very foundation of my travel photography business…
to inspire others to travel, and take a closer look at our amazing beautiful planet and everything on it.BE INSPIRED!


  1. gvdp

    You’ve been linked at

    Good Luck!

  2. Kymri

    awesome! thanks!

  3. Jim Engelbrecht

    Kymri – Great video, I think your the perfect person for the job!

  4. JennieO

    You are the perfect person for this job!
    What an amazing experience it would be!

  5. Curious_tan

    We have the same objective, to inspire people to visit different places and experience the culture and hospitality. And aside from that, I do this travel blog to reach out to people (like my close family and friends) who CANT afford to visit these places and thru my blogs they will feel that they are also visiting with me!

  6. pDogg

    Wow awesome video! Here’s my rocking video app.

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