I´ve arrived in the Pantanal at last. Even though it´s the rainy season, this year has been different – the climate is changing here too. Not much rain, but that doesn´t stop the mosquitos! They tell me the mossies are light this year, but in less than 12 hours here I´ve already been mauled from head to toe, never mind the deet, my blood is too sweet!
But just as intense is the heat. The rising sun at 5:30 am brings heat and light of midday. My laptop just couldn´t take the heat and now refuses to turn on. I don´t blame it! As for backing up photos, not to worry – I always carry a back up drive and an ipod, so the pics will come, but for now I must paint a picture with words.
For the moment, I need only two to describe my experience in the Pantanal: overheated, and overeated! Stay tuned!