Alaska Adventure: Dog Sledding on a Glacier

RE-POSTED 7/31 with additional 3 1/2 minute video!

Note: Rather than write an article about dog-sledding, I decided to edit and post this video which my 7-year-old daughter took during her adventure. I was on the rear sled and didn’t realize my daughter was doing commentary until I reviewed the footage in editing! Turn on the sound – and all your dog-sledding questions will be answered!

Dog Sledding on a Glacier is by far the absolute highlight of a visit to Alaska, especially if you have a dog-loving child. It’s likely the most expensive option for Alaska cruise excursions and most certainly worth it. You get to the glacier by helicopter, which in itself is an exciting and scenic adventure. In the middle of an expansive ice field, a whole camp of dog houses awaits – and plenty of dogs ready to run!

Here are just a few shots of the experience I shared with my daughter:

After an exciting sledding adventure, a video clip of which I will add later, we return to camp to meet some adorable puppies!

Find these and many more in the Mira Terra gallery of Alaska travel images (new additions coming every few days)!

Happy Photo Friday to my Delicious Baby Followers – I’ve missed a couple weeks but as you can see, I’ve been on an adventure and I trust these pics are worth the wait!


  1. Dim Sum, Bagels, and Crawfish

    What an amazing adventure! Great pics, too…especially that last with one with two sets of brilliant blue eyes!

  2. Travel With Kids

    Great pics. Will be hiding them from my two dog-loving kids or we will be on the next plane to Alaska (and it sounds like I need a bit more time to save sufficient funds!)

  3. Tim

    Reminds me of a poem
    "Don't you go where the huskies go
    and don't you eat that yellow snow"

    I think it is the official poem of Michigan Technological University. (Go Huskies)

  4. familyadventureguidebooks

    Wow my kids would love this! How fun to get so up close and personal with sled dogs.

  5. marina villatoro

    Now that has got to be one of the most interesting and unique experiences! I would soooo love to do that. Plus, looking at your picture, it doesn't look as painful as I read about it. It actually looks like a ton of fun!

  6. Flights to Accra

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