Photo Friday: Kids Around the World – Have bubbles, will travel!

Happy Photo Friday!

One sure way to befriend a child while traveling is to have some bubbles on hand. And, it only takes a few bubbles for this little girl in Chongqing to have some new playmates!

The initial invitation…

Looking around to see who notices…

She has the attention of the adults…

quickly followed by someone her own size!

and another!

Anywhere in the world, the combination of kids and bubbles is a sure photo opportunity, as well as friendship opportunity.

So, my fellow bloggers at Delicious Baby…I’d love to see your kids and bubbles photos too!


  1. Travel With Kids

    What fantastic images. Have tried to get these types of shots of my own kids playing with bubbles and they’ve never quite worked out. Beautiful (the child and the photography)!

  2. Wanderluster

    That first image is really great! And bubbles ARE a great way to draw the kids in, as long as you’re checking bags and don’t have to worry about bringing a bottle of them in your carry on.

  3. marina villatoro

    What is the thing with bubbles it just puts kids in a trance and they follow each other all over the place. I wish we can make friends that easily. What puts adults into trances:)

  4. Tim Marks

    I like the interaction in the last image. Kids sometimes just have it figured out.

  5. Dominique

    Great images and expressions. I’m to shy to try for the candid shots like these.

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