Kids Around the World: Kenya’s Kids

My “Kids Around the World” photos this week are from Kenya, featuring Maasai children of the Mara and Samburu regions.

Wonder what is a little different about the children in this photo at left? Follow the link to read my journal entry written on the day I photographed these children, just north of Isiola – the “Last Town“.

Happy Photo Friday to my friends at Delicious Baby! This is the last chance I have to post a Photo Friday “Kids Around the World” installment before I am heading around the world myself! Well, halfway anyway, first to Nepal, then on to China, for the next 6 weeks. In Nepal I will have plenty of kids to blog about, as I will be filming a documentary feature at two orphanages in Kathmandu. I may not have time nor means to link up for a few Fridays, but I will be posting articles and images from my travels as I am able, so be sure to become a follower (at right) or sign up for my RSS feed so you can keep posted!


  1. Glennia

    Wonderful pictures. The eyes on the first child are just haunting.

  2. Dominique

    Bon voyage 🙂

    You wonder what is going on with the child in the first photo–such a serious and sad look among all the bright colors and patterns!

  3. Shelly Rivoli

    Great photos! Have a fantastic, safe journey.

  4. Jen@TwoKidsandaMap

    I love the last photo. Have a wonderful journey…I look forward to reading about it…

  5. Debbie Dubrow

    Have a fantastic journey. I’m looking forward to following along

  6. Wanderluster

    I get the sense that these kids are all so sad, yet that’s probably a broad overstatement (or is it?).

    Happy Travels!

  7. maria

    Amazing photos! The eyes of the kid in the first photo are so penetrating. My favourite is the photo of the Ethiopian and Somalian kids, the boy is looking straight at you.
    Have a fantastic journey, I look forward reading about it!

  8. Sharlene

    Gorgeous photos. Enjoy your trip. I cna’t wait to see what you bring back for Photo Friday

  9. kidsgowest

    You captured some great expressions. Good luck to you on your journey.

  10. jessiev

    lovely photos, kymri. the colors are extraordinary. thanks for sharing these kids with us!

  11. marina villatoro

    You capture the best pictures! I love this serious and am looking forward to your next installment!

  12. clerk

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