Kids Around the World – on location in Nepal

Happy Photo Friday! After six weeks in Asia, including three behind the Great FireWall of China, I’m back home and able to blog freely again. For this week’s Kids Around the World feature, I have a “behind the scenes” look at what goes on behind the children’s photos I create for Mira Terra Images (and the documentary I filmed entirely with the Canon 5DM2). Digital photography makes it so easy to engage both children and adults; and the excitement of showing them their images or playing back their takes to them, well, those are the smiles which are absolutely priceless, and which I am rarely, if ever, able to capture. At last, someone documented my work as I documented the children and people of Nepal. Many heartfelt thanks to Felicity Wright for her support and quick snaps of the moments which tell it all – both sides of the camera – and why I love what I do!

Be sure to scroll down to see other posts from Nepal: “Landslides and Leeches, a trekking journal“(re-published with photos!), “Goats and God(s)“, and “Kathmandu: Homecomings“. Next post I’ll be introducing some of the amazing and incredible children of Loving Arms Orphanage who will be featured in the documentary, so be sure to subscribe, follow, stumble upon, digg, and everything else you can do to help raise awareness and support for orphaned children everywhere.

And of course, be sure to visit Delicious Baby for more great travel blogs and photos!


  1. jessiev

    lovely trip, kymri! excellent photos!! is that an extra battery pack on the bottom of your camera?

  2. Abi

    I love that last photo of the girls looking at the camera!

  3. Marina K. Villatoro

    Beautiful pictures and that idea about showing what goes on between them.

  4. Dominique

    It's always interesting to see what happens "behind the scenes".
    Digital does make it so much easier in some ways…people seem more at ease when they can see at least a little preview of the resulting photo session, and I often used it that way when I had to take photos with stories I wrote for the newspapers.

  5. Kymri

    jessiev – that's not a battery pack, it's an audio mixer/monitor for sound, custom unit for the 5DM2, since I was also filming HD video.

    Thanks for the comments!

  6. Cate

    You are someone who does engage with the locals, it one of the best ways of getting good information and shots. What a great trip, thanks for sharing.

  7. Lorraine

    You really bring your work to life in this post, a brilliant idea to include shots of you in process of taking pictures, and seeing those expressions. Keep us posted on the documentary!

  8. workhard

    Great post!!!!!Nepal must have been such a wonderful experience..

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