It’s A Small and Festive World

“Dear Santa,
What I want for Christmas is a doll from It’s A Small World.  No, make that ALL the dolls from It’s a Small World. Or just one doll with all the costumes from It’s A Small World. Whatever works, I think you get the picture.”

Oh the big dreams we have as little kids.  That was one of mine, and though I never did get any of the dolls from It’s A Small World, I still enjoy visiting them at Disneyland every year for the holidays.

“It’s a Small World” is to credit for being an early inspiration for me,  fueling my desire to travel the world and discover the many different peoples and cultures represented with the colorful costumes and brightly painted scenes of far away places. As an adult having traveled to many of these places, I now appreciate it all the more.

So, in honor of Disney’s power to inspire, and the “Festive” theme of today’s #Frifotos on twitter, I present, in photos,

The far away places….

The costumes of culture…

And….the magic of SNOW and Sleeping Beauty’s Castle….


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  1. Lisa

    Love this! Small World was always my favourite ride at Disney but last year we visited for the first time during the holidays and it was magical to see it all decked out.

  2. Jessica

    Small World is my favorite Disney ride. Great photos!

  3. Mary @ The World Is A Book

    Wondeful pictures of a favorite ride. I’ve always loved Disney’s decorations during the holidays and for some reason, it’s always more festive at It’s A Small World.


    Great shots and great ride. Hopefully you get what you want for Christmas.

  5. Anji

    Pretty! Takes me back to when I visited Disneyland in Christmas! It is truly magical!

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