The Old and the New: Top 11 of 2011 – Viewer’s choice

Last year, I posted the Top 20 + 10 Viewer’s Choice of 2010 from the Mira Terra Images archive. The popularity of some of those has continued throughout this year, while many new images made their way into the rankings, based on views by YOU, the internet public. As I noted last year, what’s interesting about this list is that it doesn’t reflect the most licensed, sold, or published images; and perhaps it more accurately reflects a list of images which ranked highest in Google search results. Only one of these Viewer’s Choices was actually taken in 2011, and it hit and held the #1 spot for most of the year. Here are the TOP 11 Most Viewed Images in 2011 – 10 of your choice, and 1 of mine:

10 – Young Peruvian Boy, PERU

9 – London Eye Capsule, UNITED KINGDOM

8 – Architecture of Brasilia, BRAZIL

7 – Maasai Beadwork & Crafts, KENYA

6 – Estonian Teens, ESTONIA

5 – Guatemalan Textiles, GUATEMALA

4- Chinese Girl in Traditional Dress, CHINA

3 – Ladies & Llamas, PERU

2 – Moroccan Mosaic Detail, MOROCCO


1 – Monk at Wangdu Phodrang Dzong, BHUTAN

Here’s where I get to tie it all together with my end-of-year mantra “Out with the Old, in with the New“, and share how images speak to me. Look again at the #1 most popular image by viewer’s choice – pictured is a monk walking through a gate, wrapping up his robe and heading away from the camera. What I see in this image is the end of a year, the work accomplished, and the wisdom gained. Reflecting upon the challenges met and lessons learned of 2011, it’s time to wrap it up and move on. Thus, Out with the old.

Enter, MY #1 PHOTOGRAPHER’S CHOICE (personal favorite) IMAGE OF 2011:

 Young Monk of BHUTAN

Pictured is a young monk, skipping innocently through a gate, and heading toward the camera. What I see in this image is the beginning of a year, embracing a new path ahead, and a readiness to engage with circumstances yet unknown. Thus, In with the new

THANK YOU all for your interest and support of Mira Terra Images – 2011 was a record year of image sales and licenses that began with this AAA Magazine Cover of Machu Picchu, and continued with my debut as Photo Editor for Travcoa’s 2012 World Traveler’s Dream Book, right through to a recent appearance of this image of a Terra Cotta Warrior Horse which adorned a booth and print literature at WTM Travel Mart in London. Moving in to the new year, 2012 kicks off with this image of Talinn by Sea published in Jan/Feb issue of AFAR magazine. And there’s still more coming to print out there so keep reading those tiny photo credits – you may spot them before I do!

THANK YOU also for your engagement with my travel blog – your TOP 10 FAVORITE BLOG POSTS are listed in the sidebar to the right ->.  My personal favorite post of 2011, while we’re at it, should come as no surprise. It’s the one titled: Travel Photography Nirvana (illustrated with images from Bhutan).  Check it out, you’ll find there another of my favorite images –  a young monk blissfully skipping in a field of prayer flags. I imagine that boy is still skipping his way into the New Year, and that’s the vision I choose to carry forward with me for 2012.


Peace and Pleasant Journeys,


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  1. jade

    Love your favorite one, too! the movement and the little child in the background is so precious. Great shot!

  2. Julia Anderson

    When setting out on a photographic holiday, always provide yourself with two cameras, one to leave in the train going and the other to leave in the cab coming back.

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