There’s more to picturesque Puerto Montt than brightly colored boats decorating quiet little harbors. A closer look reveals people living and working on and around those boats, so I decided to follow along with my lens and see what life was all about for these people.

Clams. That’s right. Clams. And Cockles too. Mussels, scallops, urchins, and a few other crustaceans were evident, as were freshly caught Congrio and Salmon. But mostly, for the purpose of this post anyway, it’s all about the clams. And cockles.

Basically they’ll come off the boat carrying a big load on their back, then they take it right into the market where it is put out for sale. It really doesn’t get any fresher than that, does it?

At some point along the way, some lucky clams and mussels get picked to be dried and smoked for later consumption. As I wandered the market stalls, I nearly tripped over this lonely little hot smoking pot next to a stand – whether or not it actually has anything to do with the smoking process or if it just stood as a foot warmer, I really don’t know – but if you do, please share in a comment!

Ultimately, the dried molluscs are strung and hung like garlands throughout the market street. Although I didn’t have a taste, I certainly thought they made worthy eye-candy for the lens!


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