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Mira Terra in the New Year 2010

OK, so it’s a new year and time to look positively into 2010. Not sure what it’s going to bring and it’s off to a very slow start, but at least I can share a few places to look for Mira Terra Images this year:


2010 RAINFORESTS by Graphique de France

Coffee Table Book:

Sacred Journeys by Rebecca Hind


De Paseo 4th Edition


Rough Guide to India

Tour Operator Brochures:


Abercrombie & Kent Marco Polo Club Invitational Programs AUG-DEC 2010

Destinations & Adventures International 2010

Enjoy, and wishing everyone a safe and happy New Year 2010!

Tea & Geishas

I love my job. No really, I love my jobs! When I’m not behind the camera, I am in front of some pretty fantastic people. And I make a living traveling the world with them. And doing it in grand style. And staying in the best hotels. And dining out in the very best restaurants. And meeting the local people. And having cultural encounters that only a lucky few ever experience in their travels. Yep, you guessed it, I’m a Travcoa Travel Director.

In Japan, that means a lot of things. I get to stay at the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo. I get to ride the First Class Bullet Trains. And I get invited into a Japanese home for a traditional Tea Ceremony.

And what of Geishas, you ask? While others pound the pavements of Kyoto frantically hoping to catch a glimpse of the elusive Geishas, I managed to place myself and my travel companions in the exclusive company of not one, but three Geishas for an entire evening.

They served, we ate.

They danced, we applauded.

They entertained us in traditional drinking games, and we obliged.

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