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Darjeeling for the Daring

It takes some effort to visit Darjeeling. Getting around on the roads in this Himalayan region of West Bengal are a real challenge, but the visitor is greatly rewarded.  

Most travelers to Darjeeling will fly into the nearest airport, which is Bagdogra, about 52 miles away. However, the difference in elevation from Bagdogra to Darjeeling is about 6,000 feet, on precariously steep and winding dirt roads, so be well prepared for it to take some time.

Kids Around the World – on location in Nepal

Happy Photo Friday! After six weeks in Asia, including three behind the Great FireWall of China, I’m back home and able to blog freely again. For this week’s Kids Around the World feature, I have a “behind the scenes” look at what goes on behind the children’s photos I create for Mira Terra Images (and the documentary I filmed entirely with the Canon 5DM2). Digital photography makes it so easy to engage both children and adults; and the excitement of showing them their images or playing back their takes to them, well, those are the smiles which are absolutely priceless, and which I am rarely, if ever, able to capture. At last, someone documented my work as I documented the children and people of Nepal. Many heartfelt thanks to Felicity Wright for her support and quick snaps of the moments which tell it all – both sides of the camera – and why I love what I do!

Be sure to scroll down to see other posts from Nepal: “Landslides and Leeches, a trekking journal“(re-published with photos!), “Goats and God(s)“, and “Kathmandu: Homecomings“. Next post I’ll be introducing some of the amazing and incredible children of Loving Arms Orphanage who will be featured in the documentary, so be sure to subscribe, follow, stumble upon, digg, and everything else you can do to help raise awareness and support for orphaned children everywhere.

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Kids Around the World: Hang In There!

Two young girls can’t resist a peak over the wall of the local futbol stadium in Puerto Natales, Chile. Caught in mid-hang, did the little one fall before the other girl got the bike seat under her feet? No! She didn’t! I still can’t figure out how no feet are touching the ground anywhere in the shot.

I took this back in the days of film, and I remember it was the last frame on the roll. It was one of those moments I just grabbed and forgot about, and was pleasantly surprised when back I got the slides back from the lab weeks later. The whole scene unfolded so quickly, by the time I changed rolls both girls were on the bike halfway home, smiles and laughter all the way.

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Happy Photo Friday, and hang in there!

Photo Friday: Kids Around the World – Have bubbles, will travel!

Happy Photo Friday!

One sure way to befriend a child while traveling is to have some bubbles on hand. And, it only takes a few bubbles for this little girl in Chongqing to have some new playmates!

The initial invitation…

Looking around to see who notices…

She has the attention of the adults…

quickly followed by someone her own size!

and another!

Anywhere in the world, the combination of kids and bubbles is a sure photo opportunity, as well as friendship opportunity.

So, my fellow bloggers at Delicious Baby…I’d love to see your kids and bubbles photos too!

Photo Friday – Kids Around the World: Portraits of Peru

Children in traditional dress hold special appeal, and there are many to be admired in Peru. These kids were both spotted at Awana Kancha, a Quechua word for “Palace of the Weaver.” Awana Kancha is a living museum for any visitor seeking a rich understanding of the colorful Peruvian textiles and traditional weaving techniques of the Andes. From caring for the llamas to selling the sweaters, every step of the process is not only demonstrated for visitors, but also passed on to the next generation. These children are the traditional weavers of tomorrow.

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Photo Friday: Kids Around the World – the Watoto Children of Uganda

If my previous post gave you an idea of what is to be expected in Seattle, then let this be testament to the pure joy and wonder of the unexpected. A truly spontaneous shoot transpired when I stumbled upon the Watoto Children’s Choir performing at Westlake Center in Seattle.

Watoto Slideshow – Images by Kymri Wilt

To say that the music moved me is an understatement. Then to learn that this beautiful group of smiling faces and uplifting voices is made up of Ugandan children who have been orphaned by AIDS, well, that’s all it took for the waterworks to flow. In between wiping tears from my eyes, I managed to capture these amazing images. It was my intent and hope to capture the spirit of their voices in a photograph, and I believe I have succeeded…in several.

Watoto‘s website explains the organization and mission extensively, simply put:

* Rescue a Child * Raise a Leader * Rebuild a Nation *

A look at the flyer and website reveals that there are many ways and opportunities to be generous. For me that means sharing and publishing these images to bring awareness to the AIDS-orphaned children of Uganda. Look with your eyes, listen with your heart.

So this is me. Sharing a bit of my heart.

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